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That is so scary.

Do you know in Japan income poverty is in higher within the OECD, and income disparity is expanding? Accoding to report of OECD "Income Distribution and Poverty in OECD Countries in the Second Half of the 1990s", Japanease income poverty come in 5th within the OECD countries. It also show us income disparity is expanding year by year.

Now looking at income proverty by generation. Comparing with other OECD countries, age bracket from 51 to 65 comes in 3rd and 18 to 25 comes in 4th. Not only previous, but also other areas ranks in higher.

Why so higher income proverty, so expand disparity? One of the reason is that the govemment serve so poor social security so they do not reallocate enough, this is major. Income disparity between top deciles and bottom deciles is 4.9 times. Because people who belong to top deciles hate redistribution, and insist tax due should be equal so that politician dosen't think about reallocate seriously.

Increasing just-in-time worker is other reason. Japan has many just-in-time worker who face discrimination in wages and benefits, and they are increasing year by year. This problem is caused by politics. The govermment take away substantive employment measures, but enforce reformism. As a result, many company restructured brutally. Victim of that is now working as just-in-time worker. Additionally someone who graduated from college and just started job became just-in-time worker not regular staff.

Even worse, LDP won the general election by a landslide. As LDP won 296 seats in 480-seats chamber, it is possible that any bills could be passed. It is too powerfull for citizens to express their own idea. That is what is scary.

Probably LDP accelerate abandoning politics. In future a few elites must completely control the other people. Worring indication has already been there, which is called education with latitude. I'm sure that govermment make a few "bright" elites and so many "foolish" serf.

There are no longer any democracy in Japan. From now on grievous tyranny is starting for long terms. Sure enough, it is impossible people who don't have self-purification capacity establish democracy.


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