Hate DRM!!!

Users have rights at least three. First, Users enjoys listening to music anywhere. Second, Users enjoys listening to music any devices. Third, Users backup their file in order to save them from crash. It is natural that users execute their rights. And rights should be proper regarded.

However, nowadays these rights are denied by association of authors. They insist copyright, but ignore rights of consumers. They force DRM ( Digital Right Management system ) down the throats of us. For example iTunes, this software include DRM function. You know that you can't copy digital audio files ( example MP3 ) which you bought into your HDD form iPOD. I know it is decided as ILLEGALL that backing them up or putting them on other devices which you use. How KIND of them to make sure that I can only use digital audio files that I bought myself on only their Fuckin' system. I get angry. HAHAHA!

I guess that they only want to overcharge payment. They, assosication of authors, say that the reason why CDs are sold not well is directly responsible for illegal copy on P2P communication. Saying clearly, that is wrong. Simply, the reason is that it lacks attractiveness. Without saying, you know 'Poor' music, no-one buy.

I hate DRM. Because fair use is right, not illegal, and not be aggrieved.

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